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Meet Lavette Minn, known as "The Brand Educator," a visionary force behind Blue Diamond Brandz and Blue Diamond Podcast. Lavette is not only a Master Teacher of Universal Laws but also a proficient Brand Manager, Certified SCORE Mentor, and esteemed partner of GOOGLE and VoyageATL.

Armed with a degree in Business Administration, Marketing, a Brand Management Certification, and recognized as a Certified ANA Marketing Professional, Lavette's mission as The Brand Educator revolves around delivering specialized services tailored to the distinct requirements of government agencies at the federal, state, or local level. Her expertise encompasses Brand Development & Management, as well as comprehensive Branding and Marketing strategies.

Beyond her illustrious professional achievements, Lavette is an accomplished Author and captivating Speaker. Her passion for sharing knowledge extends to the digital realm, where she actively engages with her audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. For deeper insights and personal growth, Lavette leads the Diamond Leaders Group on Facebook, guiding individuals on various topics and principles that pave the way to success in both personal and business endeavors.


In Lavette's hands, branding and marketing become art forms, uniquely designed to empower individuals and government agencies alike. Whether it's crafting compelling narratives or formulating strategies for lasting impact, Lavette Minn is a driving force behind transformation and success.

Connect with Lavette on FacebookInstagram and Youtube to embark on a journey of enlightenment and growth. Join the Diamond Leaders Group on Facebook, where Lavette imparts wisdom that fuels personal and business achievements, empowering you to forge your path to success.

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