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Finding Government Contracts: Top Tips for Small Businesses

Government contracts can provide tremendous opportunities for small businesses - the challenge is identifying and landing these contracts. Here are some of the best top tips for small businesses looking to secure government contracts:

Get Registered

  • The first step is registering as a vendor with the government entity you want to work with. This may require registering at the federal, state, and local levels. Sites like allow you to register your business to be eligible for contracts.

Understand the Requirements

  • Carefully review any prerequisites, certifications, or terms required for bidding. This may include things like business size standards, past experience, licensing, etc. Make sure you meet all the requirements before pursuing a contract.

Use Contract Search Tools

  • Resources like FedBizOpps and State/Local government procurement sites allow you to search current contract opportunities. Set up alerts so you never miss a relevant contract.

Attend Industry Events

  • Conferences and trade shows related to your industry are great places to network with government agencies and learn about upcoming contracts.

Leverage Small Business Resources

  • The SBA offers mentoring, training, and information to help small businesses win contracts. Utilize SBA resources in your area.

Partner with Experienced Firms

  • If you lack experience, consider partnering with an established government contractor that can guide you through the process.

Master the Bidding Process

  • Understand the specific procedures for bidding, writing proposals, and following up. Having polished, responsive proposals is key.

By getting registered, understanding requirements, leveraging resources, and mastering the bidding process, small businesses can successfully compete for those lucrative government contracts.

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